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✨About Me✨

My name is Ariana. I have been a Massage Therapist for 4 years now. I started massage therapy school after working call center jobs over and over again. I wanted to do something that had a meaning and a purpose and that made me feel successful.

When I started school I was so lost I wasn’t for sure if that was what I really wanted to do. All I know was that my passion was to help people. I knew my attention span was not that long for nursing so I figured why not give it a try.

While I was in school I started to feel that Massage Therapy was my passion. The feeling you get when you know you have helped relief someone’s pain, ease their mind, relax and rejuvenate them is a joy for me. I love what I do and I am so greatful to be able to have the gift of helping someone with pain relief without medication.

I recently started offering Yoni Steams for women. Me as a woman has suffered with many issues with the woman’s reproductive system. So me gaining the knowledge and skills to be able to share and treat this scared space for women is wonderful opportunity. Yoni steams is an ancient practice that provides gentle and effective support for women’s wellness.

Take a scroll through my website to see the services I currently offer. 🌻

Queen’s Steam

The Queen’s Steam is an internal cleans of the membranes of the vaginal tissues and the uterus. Benefits: Increase fertility, Menstrual support, eliminate yeast infections and other vaginal bacteria, increase cervical fluids, relax the vaginal canal and cervix, nourish and tone the uterine lining, prevent and ease bladder and kidney stones and more.

*You CANNOT VSteam during your cycle or while pregnant.*

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy may help boost focus, relieve anxiety, and even improve sleep. It promotes relaxation, improves circulation, increase joint mobility and also help reduce tension. Massage has many positive benefits on the body and body systems.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping increases blood circulation to the area where the cups are placed. This may relieve muscle tension, which can improve overall blood flow and promote cell repair. It may also help form new connective tissues and create new blood vessels in the tissue.

Sports Massage

Massage Precussion Gun

Helps with Sports Performance, Injury Recovery, Release Lactic Acid, Increase Blood and Lymphatic Flow, Breaks up scar tissue and release Muscle Spasms.


To book an appointment or to inquire about my services, please contact the number below:

Text: 813-333-5223