The world’s No.1 at home beauty device

For the last two years the lumi spa device has been voted the worlds #1 at home beauty device in the WORLD, selling over 2 million units and taking the market share over its competitors like clarisonic for cleansing devices within the industry.

The Lumispa is an extremely simple device to use and to exaplain- it’s a 2 minute treatment but with 7 *instant* skin benefits;

Reduced pore appearance,improved skin density & volume; clarity; purified skin; radiance; smoothness; and softness.

The head of the device is removable and made with hospital grade silicone so in between treatments (whether you are using it for personal use or sharing it with family/friends) It can be rinsed under the tap, used again and still be 100% hygienic.

ageLOC Cleanser

Choose from 5 treatment cleansers designed for different skin types;

These powerful cleansers are formulated using NuSkin’s ageLOC ingredient blend. Designed specifically for the LumiSpa, they are proven to reveal healthy, bright and youthful looking skin.

If you are unsure as to which cleanser you will need, please find click the link below to take a short quiz.

Which Cleanser Do I Need?

Price & Payment

Find the best way to get your skincare goals

The LumiSpa introductory package comes with;
•The LumiSpa device
•Hospital Grade silicone head
•A cleanser of your choice
•Charging dock

LumiSpa retail price; £213.49

There are two available options to purchase your LumiSpa:
•Order & Full Payment
•Monthly Payment Plan

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