About Studying Digital

Study, Productivity and Mental Health Advocate✨

Hi I’m Amy!

I’m a 16 year old sixth form student in the UK, currently studying Biology, Chemistry and PE A Levels. Ideally after sixth form I’d like to go to university and study either medicine or pharmacy.

I recently received an iPad Pro for Christmas in 2019 and here I will be sharing with you my life as a paperless student. If you’re thinking of going paperless I absolutely recommend, not only will you be super organised with all your notes on one device but you’re saving the trees. It’s honestly the best of both worlds!

I really have a great passion for studying, I’m certainly not an A* student but I always try my hardest and that’s all that matters! This idea sparked from being really bored in lockdown and also struggling to keep motivated, after creating this account I’ve not only been more motivated myself but I help I’m motivating you too.

I’ve had so many amazing opportunities through this account and I’m eternally grateful for each and every one of you!

If you’d like to contact me my business email is:
[email protected]

Tablet: iPad Pro 11” 2018
Stylus: Apple Pencil 2nd Generation
Laptop: MacBook Pro 13”
Camera: iPhone XR
Editing: iMovie