I'm Kstoff

I create engaging content on the worlds of vintage, fashion, and pop culture

I'm a storyteller by trade. Now, before you say "Kstoff, that's not a real job title," let me explain.

By day, I write cover stories for magazines and pitch campaigns for international brands.

By night, I write and design content on the global vintage scene (which you can browse on my feed) and engage with the community.

I've given talks to crowds, classes, and teams. Heck, I'll count it, but I'm also a pianist. Music is a story, after all.

I talk. I write. I design. I create. I perform. I take pride in echoing other people's stories, all mediums considered. In fact, your story could be next! So, I think the word "storyteller" is a perfect title for me, right?

Top Stories

Want a quick look at some of the stories I write? Here's a list for ya!

After crafting over 200 unique stories, I've rounded up my favorite posts as decided by the community in terms of likes, comments, and shares, both locally (shout-out Philippines) and globally!

The Parable of the Six-Grand Shirt

This is the story of the community abuzz when news broke about a vintage Aladdin shirt sold for $6,000 in a virtual auction, presented through symbolisms and metaphors.

This story made rounds globally as more and more people try to understand how a mere shirt can become so valuable.

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The Difference Between Fake and Bootleg

Fake, bootleg, counterfeit, knock-off... whatever you want to call it, they all sound the same, right? In the vintage community, there is a clear difference between what is "fake" and what is "bootleg" that we must clear up.

The original post of the same tilte I made last July 2020 was my most popular post to date, but was later deleted by Instagram due to a prideful and unjust report. This version now takes its place.

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Why Do People Devalue Cut Tag Shirts?

In the business of vintage, sellers become conscious of the products they buy and sell, especially since we cannot control quality since these are 20-year old products. One of the most controversial topics: shirt tags.

Topics like this that divide the house keep the community engaged and talking about vintage, and it's exciting to read various perspectives in the comments.

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But It's Just a Shirt!

Today's online vintage culture has been fixated in the business and hobby of vintage shirts. For some people, they understand the market as something like the art world. But for others, it's impractical.

This post explains the difference between the material and value—something that resonates with all kinds of collectors and hobbyists.

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