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I'm never sure what to write about in these sections... but here goes nothing ... Hm, ere to start? ...And what to tell? Well, I'm a petite, lil thing, and some have called me a "fire-cracker." If you had to use one word to sum up Summer-Star... I suppose fire-cracker would be pretty close to an accurate description as you could imagine from only one single word. I like to have fun, life is too short not to. I enjoy being around someone who can make me laugh. At the same time, being able to hold a conversation is just as important. I like anything I can learn something new from, whether it's an experience, a person, a book, ect. Now, when it comes to pleasure.. like I said life is too short to deny ourselves the "feel-goods," ...in good balanced measures of course. 😉 My personal pleasure gets enhanced when I can create pleasure for someone else. Your pleasure becomes... my pleasure. And that... is the reason I started to create this site... So Please, ...Enjoy ! 😘


So, speaking of "feel-goods," as I like to call them...Within this site, you can find a variety of feel-good options. I created this site as the next step to enhance my pleasures... and yours. 😉This Site was created to combine my network of pleasure, all Into one place, along with the information of how to access your specific interest. Easier access to what you want, and if not here, a guide to where you can find it.Thru this site you'll be able to access my photo gallery, schedule live/virtual sessions with me, view my content menus & purchase content, and purchase tickets to my special live events. With different site subscription options, to enjoy extra benefits, with special content and options for my special fans. The site offers a variety of customized options for those with leisure & time, as well as options meant to fit into those with a busy schedule, & not a lot of alone time. A little something of Summer-Star to brighten your day!

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