Welcome to my website.
in this website i will share
my coloring tutorial and
fonts i use it !
Hope you like it

My Coloring tutorial for Android

Hello this is Jane i will share you my coloring tutorial in Android and for ios you can read other page i make in this website, you can add cc (coloring credit) to your bio or your caption but it's optional !

App you need :
1. Goggle/chrome
2. VN (vlog now) you can download in play store
3. Prequel

Coloring tutorial for Android :
1. Go to chrome and search photoeditorpolarr.co
2. choose the first website
3. First you must have a polarr account soo click the three point above the save icons and click account
4. If u have a account you can log in to your account but if u don't have a account you can make a account
5. If u done Make a account or log in you can add a some pict or a random pict
6. Go to Filter icons (under the crop icons) and choose a filter that I use it ( i will give it in next page)
7. If u done go to the plus (+) icon and go to lut section and click save icons And click save again and It's will saved
8. Go to the your file manager and search the name of the file that you saved in that website
Example : 4C110XP****
9. If u done search the name of the file you can rename the file because it's make easier but the behind of the file must .cube and copy the file and paste to your file if u don't have you can add the new file
10. Go to VN (vlog now)
11. add your video
12. Go to filter icon the icon is next to template and speed
13. Click the plus icon (+)
14. And click plus icon again and click file manager
15. And search your file that you make in file manager and search the filter and click
16. Save the video
17. Add other filter i use ( the steps are the same in the first one I will shared the filter in the next page) it's optional
18. Add your first video you make and add a Second filter and add to 20
19. Saved
20. Go to prequel and search dust (optional)

If u don't understand how to import the filter you can search "how to get 24fps in Android" in youtube

My Coloring tutorial for IOS

Hello, it's jane in here. I will doing a coloring tutorial for the ios, but i'm not 100% sure it's working because i'm using Android Phone but if this not working you can using a Android tutorial i'm totally sure it's 100% working

App you need :
1. 24 fps
2. Prequel

1. Go to 24 fps and add the barcode ( the barcode it's in a next page) And saved
2. Add a first video you have filtered and add some barcode again (the barcode it's on the next page) it's optional (add to 20)
3. Go to prequel and add a dust

All done !

The first barcode #1

First barcode #1 the second barcode it's on the next page

Second barcode

Second barcode #2


Hello, it's my font pack !

1. KL cupid
2. Butterflies
3. Dinomik
4. Garlic salt
5. Muthiara
6. The perfect chirstmas
7. Walkway bonus
8. Pink chicken
9. Barcode
10. Paris
11. Chicken pie height
12. KG red hands