About Me

Welcome to my Life 💫

Hello Ladies and Gents!

I'm Becky, 22 year old, British from Suffolk, UK and a Midsize fashion + Lifestyle 'blogger.' I love connecting with people and bouncing off one another. Especially if you're just weird as I am.

I share my repeated outfits over on Instagram. Why keep buying clothes and wear for a photo to get rid? I bring you all positivity to my life.

I have a little Ragdoll, so stay around to see more of me! 🌼

Fashion Account


My previous hobby I was passionate about Photography for 5 years. I enjoyed being artistic and creating images combining two together. I am also into nature but mostly creating 'weird' outcomes. 🌷

I've haven't really had a hobby for 1 year and 9 months, that's a long time and so very unhealthy!

My best friend Georgie aka (Instagram: @lifewith.gee) mostly inspired me to create a Fashion Account mostly how confident she become, I enjoyed seeing her and other people's content. Such as (Abi) @midsizegal and (Chloe) @styledby.chloe. 🌼

I was so scared and nervous about keeping consistent and what people think... Georgie encouraged me to go for it and it worked! I'm so glad she did otherwise I wouldn't of bothered. My other half has been very supportive and encourage me aswell to create an account.

I started on 13th October 2020. I suggested @stylebex as my username, I didn't have any other username ideas. I thought this was catchy!

My first post introducing myself to the community. I established I'll only be uploading once a week due to I didn't want Instagram to control my life and get in my head. I wanted to start this to share all of me on social media, meeting new gals and last but least supporting one and other.

Some days I've been uploading more or less in other weeks. My set posting days are Tuesday and Friday.

Any occasional events such as Valentine's, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. I'll be uploading a week streak or 3 day.

Since being productive and active, my confidence has boosted up so much. I feel like I enjoy this way too much after every upload and it's all thanks to you Huns for supporting me, by your likes, comments, shares and saves.

Thank you all some much, I appreciate every single one of you. 🌼