Behind the Brand

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Amelia Renslow is an all things hair + makeup specialist. During the week, she works behind the chair making hair goals come true. Blonding and color is her specialty and her favorite services to perform.
On the weekends, Amelia works as a hair and makeup artist for weddings, other special events, and even photoshoots! She found her love for makeup in elementary and middle school and pursued her education by receiving her certification to perform services in 2017. Amelia went to cosmetology school in 2019 and pressed into learning and equipping herself as best she could for the lifelong career she’s striving for. Though makeup artistry was her first love, she loves both hair and makeup equally.

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Top recommendations for my followers

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Okay you guys, I literally have skin as dry as the Sahara Desert and this is what cures me. It especially hydrates those dry patches under my nose (IYKYK) like no other- I will never cheat or sleep on this product. I use this once a week after I’ve done a really good cleanser, and exfoliator. I recommend this to all of my brides for wedding skin prep!


Wet Brush

If you don’t have one of these already, you need to get on this! Wet brushes are universally amazing for thin hair, thick hair, extensions, dry and damaged hair, you name it. I simply cannot get through a hair service without mine (and I keep three in my top drawer for easy access) 😂
Added bonus is these are so affordable ($10-20) and will last you years because of their durability!


St. Tropez Self Tanner

Okay brides!!!! Here’s another one for ya! 😉

I saved so much money by self tanning myself for all the events surrounding my wedding and even my wedding itself! Shoutout to my bff emma for applying it for me buck baked the night before the big day 😂

I have tried so many self tanners and I have to say for me, the St. Tropez takes the cake. I use it differently than others though, and i think that may be why it works so well for me. Do this at night : Shower and shave! Exfoliate well and then completely dry off. Apply self tanner on glove and just apply everywhere. Let dry for 1 hour, then slip on long sleeve pajama shirt and long pants and go to sleep. Wake up, it’s completely dry and don’t shower it off. Don’t worry, it’s not sticky!