So... what are you wearing?

Um, I’m a stylist. Why did you think I was asking?!


Tourist: When does rush hour end in LA? Me: Um. Christmas?

Styled by Blank. What? After working as a personal shopper & stylist for a number of years, Blank was born after I began selling some select, carefully curated items. Whether you’re seeking vintage high fashion or current pieces, if I don’t own it, I’m almost always able to track it down. My own style follows my rule of 3: SBB (shoes, bags, basics.)

1. Great shoes can make the outfit.
It doesn’t matter if I’m rocking ripped jeans or a gown, my Louboutin Corneille pumps are glam & sexy with either.

2. One timeless, high quality leather bag will last your entire life (if you take care of it.)

I was a bag-aholic for quite some time, but I’ve slowly been going back to a few favourites. That in mind, a bag like Chanel’s XL jumbo flap is iconic, timeless & whether I’m carrying a bag aged 35 or 5, it’s sleek, functional & looks great with everything. If you can only afford one expensive bag, make it one you’ll use often. Don’t splurge on the expensive clutch—chances are, you’ll rarely use it.

3. Basics.

A great wardrobe is 90% basics with 10% of trendy/statement pieces mixed in. This doesn’t mean you look boring. Basics deliver a blank canvas for your style. Accessories change a look. Vintage items are often inexpensive ways to add near one of a kind pieces for something unexpected. Spend money on high quality basics. The cut & fit are an investment you won’t trade once you see the difference between something you used to believe was too simple to screw up (hi, white tee shirts!)

Who am I other than a wardrobe obsessed sneaker head who takes her dog everywhere? I’m an LA girl who splits her time between Los Angeles (home) & Utah (family reasons.)

I still work in entertainment as a writer & editor (Headlock aka ‘Against the Clock’, 2019 in select theatres & VOD | Scar Lit Road, In Development), co-host the podcast, WTF, Utah?! and a handful of other creative projects. I prefer living my life behind the camera... even if I have been mistaken for a Kardashian. On a semi-regular basis.

Contact me any time for more information about pricing of specific items, personal shopping or just to you know... be nice & say, ‘Hello.’

Hello. (And SSDGM!)