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Content Creation Gal

Hi! My name is Karine and I’ve been working in all aspects of online marketing for the last 8 years.
Bla bla bla... fast forward to today, I’ve tackled a wide variety of fields and sectors and truly love what I do (cheesy but true). 🤩
✨ Digital marketing is essential for many businesses-it can be an inexpensive way to reach clients and make someone go overnight from an unknown to the next big thing. Companies without an internet presence have a harder time finding clients, making them more likely to lose out on business.
That's where I come in. 🙋🏻‍♀️
✨With over 8 years of digital experience, a knack for words and a passion for content - I've successfully delivered on several campaigns from the ground up. From inception (branding, strategizing) to execution, deployment and reporting.
Working in all sectors- fashion, lifestyle, real estate, food, art, jewelry, tech, brick motor, security, government, publishing & more.

Services include : Digital Marketing // SEO // Amazon and market place // Social Media // Content Creation // Graphics & Visuals // Newsletters // Web management // Blogs // Copywriting .
Website coming soon.
Get in touch - Stylehues@gmail.com👌


To name a few...

Content creation

Content is key.
Your content needs to tell a story.
I work on branded content making sure all platforms are consistent through; visuals, graphics, text, captions and more. This will allow you to stand out and open new opportunities for collaborations and conversations.


SEO - marketplaces such as Amazon, Costco, Walmart. Increase sales through optimized content pages and Product knowledge.


E-mail marketing is a crucial part of your business. I create, design branded NL, set up a contact list, segment it and do a full report/analysis to make sure you’re reaching your existing and potential clients.

Social media management

With all the social media changes going on and the algorithms being so inconsistent, managing a social media page can seem frustrating and more challenging than ever. Posts musts be planned, strategic and valuable- that’s where I come in & take complete control of your page and community to get the optimal engagement.

Visuals & graphics