My name is Courtney, I run styleofsadie! I always try my best to post quickly and correctly for you guys! The love and appreciation i get from everyone always makes me feel so happy and I thank you all for that! Your interaction with my account is one of my favorite things ever.

About styleofsadie!

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I created styleofsadie October 20th, 2018 as a way to (hopefully) make new friends. I wanted to incorporate the thing i loved most (fashion) with my love for Sadie, so i can up with this! On there i post Sadie's clothes, shoes, and accessories! I post a lot of things on my stories to let people get to know me better, and i've made a lot of friends that way. One of my best friends is a girl named Erin who i met in a group chat, and i even met my girlfriend on my account! The point is, I love my account and everyone i've met through it. ♡

For the teens who don't want to spend everything on one shirt

Sadie's Affordable Clothing!

Sadie's Red Carpet Looks

excluding the golden globes whoops

Sadie has been to her fair share of red carpets, the AMA's, MTV movie awards, and many more, here are (almost) all of her red carpet looks!

Recreate An Iconic Look!

Vanity Fairs Best Dressed Party

Sadie's look for Vanity Fairs best dressed party proves why she was there, because she has an AMAZING sense of style! Of course when you look up to a celebrity you want to wear what they wear, however that can be hard when what they wear is thousands of dollars, so here i've listed cheaper alternatives to sadie's Kate Spade sequin set!


You can capture the look of Sadie's KS sequin top with this DayDayChic one, for a LOT less!


You can get the same feel of the KS pants (hundreds of dollars) with this ASOS wide legged pants ($60)!


Sadie wore a pair of badass KS platform heels, and you can get a dupe for less than $40 at ASOS!

United Nations WEday

Problems Our Youth Are Facing - And How You Can Help

Normally when Sadie attends things like this, i talk about her and what she wore (obviously) but today i want to talk about something different. The past few years have been terrible for children all over the world and it's time we change that.

Gun Violence

Since the shooting of Sandy Hook (2012) there have been at LEAST 2,236 mass shootings, the majority of them being school shootings. 64 of those school shootings were in the last two years (2018-2019), and government officials are doing NOTHING to stop it. Donald Trump has offered 'thoughts and prayers' to the families who have lost children, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, and cousins to gun violence. Thoughts and prayers don't stop bullets. Thoughts and prayers aren't enough. Thoughts and prayers don't save innocent children. Here is how you can help.

Child Exploitation

1 in 8 children are sexually abused. 90% of those children know their abuser. 1 in 2 kids that know their abuser were abused by a family member. I was one of those kids. My step father sexually abused me for 3 years before i told anyone, my mother knew the whole time. She watched sometimes. I was 8-10, i had just barely turned 8. He couldn't get hard, he just touched me. He was violent. He would slap and hit me. None of you knew this. None of you (my friends) knew that i (a friend) was sexually and physically abused repeatedly as a child. Abuse victims don't talk about it unless they feel safe or unless they want to make a difference. I don't feel safe sharing this, but i want people to know the statistics. I encourage everyone to talk to their friends, let them know they are safe with you and can tell you anything, and look for the signs of abuse. Here's how you can help.

Clean Water

96,448 people live in Flint, Michigan. 25.7% (24,787) of these people are children under 18. Flint, MI has been nearly 6 YEARS without clean drinking water. Of course some people will argue that you can buy bottled water, however, not only is that bad for the environment, but 42% of flints residents are living in poverty. They can't buy bottled water for a family of 4 (statistically) when they can barely afford to pay bills. Flint, Michigan officials have stated that the water is now 'acceptable' however many tests have proven it most definitely is not. Children (and everyone) DESERVE clean drinking water, here's how you can get it to them.

Children At War

420 million children worldwide are experiencing and often being put in the middle of armed war. 32 million of these children have had their chance of going to school stripped away from them as if they don't deserve it. Often times, soldiers (of all countries) are taught to shoot children if they see them. It is NEVER justified to shoot a child ESPECIALLY if they pose no threat. Children experience rape and torture from solderiers as a way of punishing their parents, the children have done nothing wrong yet are paying for their parents actions. These kids need a way out of that lifestyle and heres how you can help them escape it.