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I’m a retired Special Education Teacher in Kentucky. I’m happily married, with 4 adult children & 3 grandchildren. Having the ability to now do exactly what I love has motivated me to give every woman who crosses my path the chance to do the same.

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My YouTube Channel

Angie Newby

Hi! My name is Angie and I've created this channel to share helpful and entertaining videos about travel, our family, health & wellness, real estate, and how to live your best life yet! Some things you can expect by subscribing to this channel are fashion finds, travel journeys & tips, healthy lifestyle hacks, fun family videos, real estate finds and tips, and life from a retired teacher perspective. :)

I started this channel so that I would have a place to express myself and catalogue our adventures, but hopefully it grows into a community of like-minded individuals who want to enjoy their lives and find health and happiness.

My husband Scott and I are currently based in Kentucky with plans to migrate to warmer climates when he joins me in retirement. I am always happy to connect and answer any questions. Feel free to connect and reach out on social media. To contact me for business purposes, you can reach me at angienewby1967@gmail.com.

Have a Blessed Day!
Angie Newby xo

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