Subtle+ is a sharing platform that invites people to empower positivity from within, out and around.

I share various things from daily positivity reminders to actionable contents such as templates and question cards. The contents and projects i create aims to trigger conversations within oneself, and prompts positive perspective / outlook towards a certain subject. And since Subtle+ is a sharing platform, i also try to actively encourage people to share their own thoughts, stories and perspectives on things related to positivity. I’m welcoming every unique and personal way of thinking so we can reach and empower more people, together.

Subtle believe that positivity in all its forms needs to be reminded, fostered and nurtured. Most of us are already aware of positivity’s benefits and importance, yet also know that it is easier said than done. Especially in this fast paced era of overachievers where barely anything is ever enough. Fighting the battle with negativity, both from the creation of our own mind or from the outside world, is not a battle to be fought and be over once, it is also not a battle to be fought alone. We raise by lifting others.

To Note



Subtle+ is not poetry, art or photography page. I’m not a poet, not an art graduate, nor am i a pro photographer. But i certainly do love art and aesthetics, i love doing and learning graphic design and i occasionally photograph mesmerizing moments. Everything that is published here in Subtle+ is my work and i make sure that i have the right to use every bits that i use in producing them.

That being said, i am a human, and if there will ever be a chance of me violating your copyrights, please do tell me and i will take responsibilities.

Vice versa, please do appreciate me by giving credits when using my works. Thankyou!


In case of constructive criticism..

If you have any critiques or suggestion about how i can make Subtle+ better. Please do tell me by sliding to the DM!