Telling stuff

Hey everyone! I’m val!

Hey everyone! So i have made a milkshake because a lot of people have asked and i think it’s a great idea! i would like to share things with you! I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! you guys don’t know how much this is means to me, i never thought in a million years i would have a platform! so thank you sm! i cant thank you enough!

About me!
-I’m val
- i’m 12 years old
- i’m american
- i love making tiktoks
- i’m always bored
- i love helping people
- i 2 dogs (best dogs i could ask for)
- i’m the official owner of suitscharlis
- was joshspetss
- there was a first owner

Details about the first owner
So to wrap this up, the first owner actually left the account, they made the account to be a josh fanpage. then they took a break but wanted me to post on it, i didn’t really think they would end up leaving. he was in some family troubles but, i hope that sums everything up. after then he came back and then stopped and then officially gave the account to me. then i made the account charli because i’m not a big fan of josh