Lucerne, Suiza

Things to do in Lucerne ⛲️🏯

-In lucerne you can do many activities, for example you can visit the emblematic winding and ornate bridge "Kapellbrücke".
-You can also visit the Swiss Museum of Transport dedicated to transport and communications. It is the most visited museum in Switzerland. It has a large collection of locomotives, cars, ships and airplanes, as well as exhibits on telecommunications🏢🌉🏙

-You can go to Lucerne Concert Hall, which is the concert and convention hall of Lucerne, Switzerland.🌆

In Lucerne you can try delicious dishes such as:
Swiss cuisine is very varied, with influences from German, French and Italian cuisine.
At first you can try the typical soups, especially a soup with strips of crepes called Rinderkraftbrühe.
You can also eat tomato or onion soup, very useful options during cold winter days.
In summer you can opt for more refreshing starters, such as sausage boards, cold cuts, cheeses or pretzels. Among the main dishes the king is the meatloaf, called Chügelipastete.
There are also breaded schnitzels, cordon blue or meat in sauce that you can try if you visit Lucerne.
There is also no shortage of dishes made with Swiss cheese, such as fondue or raclette. Among the drinks, beer stands out, there is also a varied selection of wines.

One of the things you can do in Lucerne is to ski on Mount Titlis for 138.87 USD, or travel by cable car for 156.33 USD, visit the Swiss Chocolate Aventura for 17.34 USD, you can also go parachuting for 206.20 USD🚖🛺🚕🎢🪂