☆Helping each other grow together☆

Hey! I'm so happy to see you here! My name is Sukhraj Grewal and I'm a social media influencer in networking marketing for the #1 premium luxury hair care company. ♡

I'm passionate in encouraging, motivating, and guiding you everyday to your truest potential!♡

A few years ago I had moved to Canada due to a problem and I was lost on what to do to help support my family. I cared more about others than myself so I started a normal 9-5 job in hopes of helping my single mother with rent. Following society hoping it would lead me in a successful future ahead of me, but I realized there isn't much happiness ahead. I was super anxious. I wasn't happy knowing that I'm still working at a fast food place after graduating highschool. ♡

After graduating and deciding to take a gap year rather than go straight to college or university, I decided to find my happiness. I am finding my passion. I am finding my reason to hustle. I am able to add value to everything I do. I add value to every human I come into contact with.♡

I am about inspiration, woman empowerment, branding, and social selling. ♡

♤Real talk:♤
Not only do I focus on this amazing business, however, I am astronomically an advocate of Mental Health and the LGBTQ+ Community along with many other important Matters. Mental health is NOT an easy thing to deal with and Love is something that should NOT be up for debate!♡

I love to educate and inspire humans everywhere to better their daily lives!♡

I'm more than happy that you have decided to visit me, swipe to get to know more!♤