Sulaima Iman LLC

“Let choice whisper in your ear and love murmur in your heart. Be ready. Here comes life.” -Maya Angelou

About Us

“Have faith in a peaceful process”

Our purpose is to provide you the the education, resources and support needed to be confident in all aspects of your birth experience. We take pride in our cultural competency and inclusivity. We are constantly working to provide the best services possible to expecting families including prenatal, birth, postpartum and fertility support. Our goal is to allow you to advocate for yourself using the information gained during our time together and to facilitate a joyful and peaceful outcome.

Doula support

“Have faith in a peaceful process”

We provide non-judgmental, non-medical support for the birthing person and their family before, during and after birth. We strive to cultivate trust and provide companionship for the duration of the birth process.

Birth Support

• Creating a safe and sacred space for birth to occur.
• Advocating for all birth clients especially those that are underserved and at-risk.
• Providing comfort measures to help assist in the birth process.
• Providing professional referrals when necessary.
• Following HIPAA guidelines and respecting client privacy

Prenatal Support

• Providing guidance and educational tools to help the birthing person realize their vision for birth.
• Allowing for the birthing person and family to fully express their needs and desires for birth
• Access to online Library and resources.
• Educating and encouraging partners and spouses

Postpartum Support

• Assistance in the establishment of breastfeeding.
• Promoting breastfeeding and providing educational tools to help with breastfeeding success.
• Preparing the birthing person for postpartum care and recovery
• Assessing any needs for postpartum support