About me

You have the potential to succeed beyond your wildest dreams

If you’ve found this page, you’re probably a little curious about who I am and what I do. I’m Summer. I’m 19 years old and I’m from Vernon, BC. I’m the kind of person who grew up knowing exactly how i wanted my life to go. I wanted to try anything and everything that caught my eye. A creative, determined mind at its finest.

In 2019, i graduated high school with my dual dogwood meaning i am fluent in English and French. I thought dental hygiene would become my passion, so I enrolled in college to pursue a year of pre requisites before moving to Vancouver where i will attend the College of Dental Hygiene. As most college students, i was broke and way too busy to work a part time job while attending school full time. I tried to work a few hours a week, yet that pushed me over my comfort zone and i ended up was too stressed and sad and lost.

That’s when I fell upon this opportunity that reminded me of my truth.
If I’ve learned anything in my 19 years, it’s that confidence is key and for me, my confidence begins with my hair and my skin, in other words my appearance. I decided to still pursue my dream of going to school and in the meantime, I said YES to the opportunity.

I never knew that saying yes to something could be so frightening, life changing, and amazing all at the same time. I feel so blessed to have stumbled into the path of some of the most inspiring, encouraging women I’ve ever met. I work with a girl gang of true #girlpower and together we talk goals, dreams, and the future like it’s ours to mold into whatever we want it to be...and the best part is...IT’S TRUE!

I’ve realized, I’m here on this earth for a limited time and what I do with the time I’ve got here, I want to do something big, meaningful, and fulfilling. I want to soak up all the knowledge and help others the way these ladies have helped me. I want you to feel this kind of community, if anything. Whether you’re looking to just make some extra money, meet more like-minded uplifting people, or maybe you just want to figure out this thing called life together. BE. READY. FOR. CHANGE. Let’s do this!

Let me help you figure this out, together. Swipe right to reach out to me!