Mushroom battles of 1915!!

For The gore and fantasy fans!! Summer Mcdonagh and Shakeel Alom Have Created a book about a kind girl called Sapphire Magnuim , who travels into the world of Mushroom-Kingdom , where Queen Mushroom Summer Rules A Land of kindness and battle With the toadstool as the Queen Toadstool fights her way to winning! For more info click here!!

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About Summer Mcdonagh!!

And who is she?

Summer Mcdonagh is a kind and generous 10 year old girl who worked with her cousin Shakeel-Alom to make her first book to be published soon in June-December She was born may 22 2012 and loved mushrooms this article will talk about that later. People knew her for her Comedy and Fashion Style. Her mothers side where English. And my Fathers is Irish! Therefore She’s half Irish, summer Mcdonagh visited Ireland from a early age around 1-2 With her parents she lived a happy life hanging with her cousins and her sister Abbie! At the age of 7 she had interest in books. She read the books such as room on the broom and the stickman!! In 2022 New Years Day her Nan Anita Harding passed away and she felt very unmotivated and decided to follow her passion of books.. she wanted to make a book…
She knew she couldn’t do it alone so she phoned up the person she trusted the most..
Shakeel! He loved the idea and was committing to help.. Summer first wanted to call the book “a book” but thought of another plan.. MUSHROOM BATTLES OF 1915!! SHAKEEL loved the idea aswell and followed along the book is currently 120 pages and has took them 4 months..

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About Shakeel Alom!

And who he is?

Shakeel Alom is 11 Year Old boy Also Known as Mushroom Head Guard for fighting off thousands of Toadstools every day! His background started in England Uk January 26 2011! He was born to his mother and the Harding Family.. Like Summer Mcdonagh Shakeels Nanny Anita Harding Passed away On New Years Day 2022 That also gave him motivation to help Summer.

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