Who is Sunchies?

Tell the world what you’re made of

Sunchies started off as an affordable, handmade scrunchie business in 2018. It was created by Kendyll when she was a Sophomore year college student needing to make and save money for school and other expenses. The idea of making scrunchies kickstarted when she saw many patterns of fabrics that would look nice as an accessory and where we wasn’t able to find ones that were already in stores.

At first, Sunchies wasn’t a business at all, it was a hobby for Kendyll to do on her free time and it was another creative outlet for her. Since Kendyll was already a Graphic Design and Advertising major, she soon turned this hobby into a small business which also helped with her education.

Sunchies wants to make sure you’re getting quality scrunchies for an affordable price, not like those overly expensive ones they sell at Urban Outfitters. We offer many different styles, colors, and textures for you to choose from.

Take a look around and enjoy!

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Find the Sunchies that best fit You!

Hand crafted and made with love - these scrunchies will hold up your hair and add a stylish boost to any outfit! Snag some of these top quality scrunchies for a great price!

Combination #1

Blushin’ Bow Sunchie - (Fine)
🌟- Baby Pink with Bow
Chevee Sunchie - (Classy)
🌟- Black with White Chevron Pattern
Haley Sunchie - (Fine)
🌟- Leopard Print

Combination #2

🌟Rusty Sunchie - (Fine)
- Burnt Orange with Black Polka Dots
⭐️Midnight Flower Sunchie - (Classy)
- Black with White Flowers
🌟Virgo Sunchie - (Fine)
- Black with Gold and White Flowers
⭐️Positive Sunchie (Classy)
- White with Black Plus Design

Combination #3

🌟Pip Sunchie - (Fine)
- Blue with White Arrow Detail
⭐️Angie Sunchie - (Classy)
- Grey Striped
🌟Babes Sunchie - (Fine)
- Baby Blue