In Sanskrit, Viveka can be translated into “right understanding.” It is the ability to differentiate between real and unreal, eternal and temporary, or self and non-self. Sooner or later in life, human insight guides us to look further, beyond the surface, to seek significance in the things we do, and to bring fulfillment into our lives.

I found this fulfillment and joy through my connection to the eternal life force of energy that exists within and around us at all times. I have vivid and long-enduring memories of connecting to this field from a very early age. Through my Reiki practice, I began to harness this energy. As my understanding grew, so did my desire to take it further. This is where I discovered how to cleanse my physical body to enhance these capabilities.

We are all connected to this quantum field of energy. We have the ability to send and receive information from this vitality current. Tapping into this field does not require years of reflection and practice, though that can definitely strengthen your connection. It requires a fine tuning of your internal receiver. By cleansing the mind and body, you can access this powerful energy that permeates everything around you.

Through simple and attainable daily practices, I can guide you to achieve a life of integrity and internal peace, while strengthening your personal power. If you’re seeking reflection, wellness and joy, please join me on this beautiful journey. Let’s harness this energy and live the live’s we were meant to. As one collective consciousness,

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