My Coloring tutorial! —

My coloring tutorial!!

First go to 24 fps
-import the QR code named sun kissed
Next go to ultralight
-put the Saturation all the way up to 4!
Next go to prequal
-put Exposure -50 put Contrast to -30 then put Highlights to -100 and Shadows to -100
Then go to Sharpen and put it to 25+ and then Glow to +35 then go to blue and put it on 32
Then go to effects and put dust on 100 and put the dust filter on 50 then emport your video. After that go to colortone and put Avalon. That’s it hope you enjoy and please give credits.

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hi friends, I made this website to maybe solve all the things you might ba asking in the comments section. if there’s anymore questions tell me i’ll be sure to add them <3

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