@sunkiinstranger milkshake website!

hi guys its me @sunkiinstranger and this is my welcome to help yall.This website contains coloring tut,font pack,question ideas,etc.

Addressing things up if you use the coloring i use and i put here in my website.DONT give credits to ME give credits to @angvcl.Also the theme.Ok so thats all!💕for this Addressing things!

Next is my coloring!

Coloring Tut!

First,go to instagram and scroll until the end and you should see a search icon and search "Lovely Butterflies" and click the first thing you see at the bottom the kinda inbox looking icon and click it,it should be filled if you click it!and export it and import it once again and do the same process except search "Cow filter" and again click the kinda inbox looking icon and export it.Next is go to 24fps(ios but if your in android i might do a tut if i have a Youtube channel)then import the code up there↑and now you export.Now you go to prequel and go to "adjust" and follow: exposure: -25 contrast: -25 highlights: 50+ shadows: -25 glow: 25+ blur: 50+(if your on android again i will make a tut soon)and your done!


Font Pack For The Theme I Am Using!💕

Heading: Lamina Subheading: Lemon Milk Medium Question: Letters for Learners Lines: Garlic Salt "Color Codes": Mermaid Bold "Much love from": Dinomilk User: Cheeky Rabbit Decorations: Doodle Frames, Peaxdrawnicon, Kgflavorsandframesthree,DJB Doodle Bits,Menina,KLcupid

Next is facts about me!

Facts About Me!

• My name is actually really Joy🤤 • Im a girl • I like french fries!🙄 • I dont want vegetables 👏 • I live in the 🇵🇭 And thats all i dont know what to say so ya😃✋

Next is some links to help!

Some question ideas

How many kids did u eat today? What is your dream destination? Whats your favorite disney movie? Whats your birthmonth color? Spell your name without “charli” Peaches adopted u copylink to undo! How many apps do u use to edit? How many countries have you been to? Claim a movie before someone else does! Ur name backwards is ur new wifi password Add k to your battery percent and that is how much you will gain by next year if your fandom didn’t exist what fandom would you be in? Your teacher did the wap and your 6th emoji is your reaction! Who’s your favorite fp account? Put your username in the comments and I will rate it from 0-10 How long does it take to make your edit?

Thats all for now,bye!!