About sunkins.chai account!

coloring + fonts + more <3

Prequel ✰
Exposure- 50
Contrast- 50
Highlights- 50
Shadows- 50
Sharpen- 50
Glow- 50
Aberration- 100
Blur- 50

— ˗ˋ ୨୧ ˊ˗ —

Filters and effects!
Filter- teal at 100
Effect- weather filter at 0

Coggee at 100

— ˗ˋ ୨୧ ˊ˗ —

How to download fonts :)
Go to dafont.com !
search the font you want and then press download press the blue arrow! Tap on the font and then it will take you to files! Find the font you downloaded and then hold on it. :) and then share it to Vont!

— ˗ˋ ୨୧ ˊ˗ —
Fonts I use:
Question- hug me tight
Watermark (your username) - kind heart
Emojis I use- 🌺🍉🦩


Hey guys! I made this link for you guys to see things about account!

apps I use
- ultralight - for clarifying!
- prequel - for coloring!
- Vont - for text!
- colourtone - for filter!

Questions and answers!

Q: how do you get those fonts?
A: dafont.com

Q: how do you get those symbols?
A: I can copy and paste them to you just ask!

Coloring tutorial!
-apps: ultralight, prequel, & colourtone!
Coloring credits to: @teamsvnkin !

First app ✰ ultralight ✰
🌺: clarity all the way up & sharpen all the way down!

Second app ✰ prequel ✰
🍉: effects: dust! filter: teal at 60 %
- adjust -
- Exposure 20% -
- contrast -30 % -
- highlights 20% -
- shadows 50% -
- sharpen 50% -
- glow 20% -
- blur 50% -

third app ✰ colourtone ✰
🦩: add the filter coggee!

Fourth app ✰ colourtone again ✰
Whenever you’re done adding your text put it in colourtone again and choose coggee again!

Font pack!
🫐: Question- Minecraft
🥭: Water mark- kind heart!

Things about me!
My name is Alison!

I live in Pennsylvania soon to be florida!

I don’t have a favorite YouTube specifically! But,
I love Emma chamberlain!

My roblox is: glossierXhugs

I love the Dream Smp especially george and dream!

I have 5 pets! I have 4 dogs named feneway, daisy, lily, and Maddie! I have a cat named frank it’s a Turkish van! My dad rescued her from the highway! She was a little kitty when my dad found her!

I love sprite, Mac and cheese, and pasta!

I love to collect chap sticks from around the world that I don’t have where I live!

And I think that’s about all! <3

If you guys have questions feel free to ask!
I hope a helped a little bit! Have an amazing morning / afternoon / night! 。ೃ࿔₊