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Here are some bios! give c for them

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are u scared of horror movies?
-is ur room aesthetic?
-if u fav color is blue u have to copylink!
-how long u had your acc?
- if you have an second idol who would be?
- whats you favorite dc?
- how much phones do u have?
- whats your fav drink?
- do you take jokes?
- whats your favorite font?
- whats your favorite shirt?
- do you sleep alone or with your parents?
- where is your best place for dancing?
- are you team night or day?
- how much acc u have?
- what game that you not play anymore but is still on ur phone?
- team anime or kpop?
- whos your fav youtuber?

- do u like online school or offline?
-what year do you think your idol posted the best content in?
-describe your idol in 3 words!
-have you started a cult?
-what would you do if there's a zombie apocalypse
if we switched names what would my name be?

-does ur idol have a sibling?
-can you celebrate christmas?
-is ur idol a celebrety or a influencer?
-have you ever got a full marks on a test?
-if your life was a book, what would you name the chapter you’re currently in?
-if COVID wasn’t sound for 24hrs what would you do

Make sure you give ib to me!

Here is a colouring I made!

clarity +3
sharpen +10
Saturation red 3 every thing else -10
Liminosity red -10

Exposure 25+
Contrast -50
Higligts +50
shadows -100
Sharpen 50+
dust 50+
Blur 9+
Filter : Ivory %25
give cc to me if you use it!