About Me —

I just want to introduce myself.

Hiii you sweet soul!

My name is Cheyenne:) I am currently inspiring women to find confidence within themselves & follow their dreams. I have a deep passion for healing and helping people feel safe expressing their emotions. I know I can sound a little cheesy at times, but hey. It’s me.


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What is Self Love?

Here’s the truth..

Self love is truly embracing yourself. It means embracing the so called “imperfections” you hold. It is healing what you have been holding onto as your truth.

We live in a world that shoves beauty standards in our faces. And if you don’t meet this beauty standard you deem yourself as unworthy. Or unloveable.

But there are more people like you and I, then the people on the build-boards for these beauty companies.

Going back to self love, it means honoring each step you take. It means loving your period that comes each month and not hating yourself for being a woman. It means loving your sexuality and not hiding it because the world has called you a slut for showing a little extra skin. It means loving the sensitive and nurturing being that you are.

Self love is more than bath bombs and facials. ( those are nice ) but those are the bonus to falling in love with you.