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Passionate Food-Loverz & Perfect Match

We are Sunny & Mohammed - a creative couple which is in love with food. Originally we are coming from different countries - Palestinian meets European - but we were lucky to meet in Spain, in beautiful Barcelona, one year ago.

Since then we traveled by car across Europe and discovered that we are the perfect match when it comes to cooking.

We simply love to experiment in the kitchen and to create creative dishes with ingredients from all over the world.

Let us inspire you and let you taste our passion!

1. Lunch Delivery

What we offer

Are you tired of eating junk food in your lunch break and excited to try something new?

We are offering authentic soulfood in a jar - always healthy & fresh.

Choose from a variety of seasonal salads, soups & curries - veggie & vegan meals on the menu 🌱.

Happy to tell you, that our veggies are sourced from local farms in the region of Diest. 🌳

Preorder for special occasions / events to your workplace:

We also deliver lunch on preorder to your workplace. All we need from you is the date, the amount and the address.

2. social pop up lunch & dining experience

What we offer

Since we both enjoy hosting and getting to know new friends, we invented "social lunch/dining".

If you too would like to get to know some new people, you are tired of preparing food at home, or you simply feel like experiencing something new, then it is time to enjoy this experience with us.
We will host you at our home. All you need to do is to lean back and enjoy the delicious food and great company.

- menus are always created individual and unique (e.g. menus with different cultural background: arabic, serbian, austrian, indian,...)
- max. 8 persons
- date: once in a month - starting from november 2022 - find the details on our IG page
- location: will be announced
- price: on request

About us:

We are coming from cultures where cooking and food is important, and where eating is always a social event. With you we want to share our culinary traditions. Our food reflects our background and roots. We‘re very conscious about food, the environment, and health. Our tasty meals are well-balanced with pronounced, subtle flavors. If you want to experience unique flavors and quality ingredients, this is the place. Besides, we are happy to share with you that we are speaking 5 different Languages: Dutch, English, German, Arabic and Serbian.

We are excited to welcome & inspire you!

3. Cooking for Retreats (Yoga, Pilates, Personal Growth)

What we offer

Upgrade your retreat with our soulfood experience & enjoy a customized culinary event.

We love to invest our time in ourselves- we enjoy reading, building a good & healthy mindset, doing sports, yoga & cooking healthy. Oh yes, traveling 🌏 and meeting new people should not be missed 😊.

So why don’t combine all this things & share our passion with you?

This is how the idea of offering our service for retreats was born.

So how does it work in detail?

1. Prearrangement

Proposal for menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner) - vegan & veggie proposals

2. The Cooking

We will take care of all the ingredients needed to prepare the meals.
All you have to do is to sit back & enjoy the meals.

3. The Wrap-up

We will care about the clean-up.

4. What else?

~ Location: Europe
~ Price: on request

Because the best memories are always made around the table.

If you are hungry to try our soulfood you shouldn’t miss the get in contact with us ☺️.

4. Eventservice

What we offer

Turn your home into a restaurant & enjoy a customized culinary experience in the comfort of your own home.

We simply enjoy discovering new places, to make new friends & to inspire people with our passionate prepared meals. This is how the idea of @home Cooking was born.

So how does it work in detail?

1. Prearrangement

Proposal for 3 courses menu & decoration (if required)

2. The Cooking

We will arrive with all the ingredients needed to prepare your dreamed meal.
All you have to do is to sit back, enjoy & watch and learn new recipes.

3. The Experience

We will take care of your party all-throughout the experience & take responsibility for the host duties. So you can lean back and enjoy the meal!

4. The Wrap-up

By the end of the night, all there will be left for you to do is relax and enjoy your company - we will care about the clean-up.

5. Further information

~ for special occaions like Dinner for 2, Birthdays, Parties, Anniversaries,… or simply when you are in the mood to do something good for yourself
~ Max. 20 persons
~ Location: Belgium
~ Price: on request

Because the best memories are always made around the table.

If you like staying at home & you are hungry to try something new you shouldn’t miss the chance to book us.

You will get a high level of expertise from us. I have over 5 years experience in event management and have also studied marketing.

Why you should taste our meals?

Here some arguments why you should work with us:

~ We are affordable, healthy, tasty & fresh 🥗.

~ Our creativity. Mostly we cook freestyle & develop crazy, creative combinations at the moment.

~ Our veggies are sourced from local farms. Our meat is organic / halal. 🥦

~ We always pay attention to low food waste. We use the things the fridge is providing 😁.

~ We have a healthy lifestyle. We love to run, meditate, exercise, do yoga & care about the needs of our bodies 🧘‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️.

~ We put a lot of feeling & passion, every time we prepare our dishes. ❤️

~ And the most important thing: We make food tangible. Taste our passion and you won't be able to get enough of it. Promise!

Let us inspire you & bring happiness to your life!

Mhmmmm tasty!

some impressions

Choose from a variety of specialities like salads, soups, curries, vegetarian dishes,…

Check out our Instagram Account @sunnyspowerexperience for more!


+ 32 466 45 75 49

_ Arabic
_ Dutch
_ English
_ German
_ Serbian

Don’t hesitate to contact us.
We are excited to meet you! 😌