Hello! This website was inspired by trendsnkies website so make sure to follow her! Slide to the right to see my fonts I use 🤍

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These are the fonts I use!

Icons -All season ornaments -Butterflies -Hawaiian icons -Garlic salt extras -Summer icons Fonts -Love -kawaii stitch -sant Joan -lemon milk -beach day -Gogo cocoa mochi🫐

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Here’s a colouring tut!

Sorry this isn’t updated yet

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Question ideas!

who’s the first @ that pops up when you follow me?
-are u scared of horror movies?
-how many phones u had?
-is ur room aesthetic?
-if u fav color is blue u have to copylink!
-how long u had your acc?
-do u prefer more dresses or pants?
-does ur friends like ur type?
-do u like the color of ur eyes?
-what is ur favorite childhood show?
-do u follow ur followers back?
-do u have a fp?
-how many fps u think ur idol has?
-why did u make ur acc?
-whats ur fav led lights color?
-are u over the age 10?
-tell me fact abt u in comments!
-pick a number of 1-10 and find ur number twin in da comments!
-if u could go back to any year what year would it be?
-if you colud buy any type of food what would you buy?
-if you could be any animal what would you be?
-what is your favorite sport?
-who do you admire the most?
-who is your favorite cartoon character?
-if you had 100$ free what would you buy with them?
-if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
-what is your dream job?
-are you a morning or a night person?
-what is your favorite hobby?
-what is one thing that annoys you the most?
-what was the strangest thing you ever eaten
-with how many pillows do you sleep?
-who has the best phone in your family?
-decribe yourself in 3 words.
-what would you do with your '15 minutes' fame?
-where would u go if you were invisible?
-how many books have you read till now?
-what movie was so sad that u will never watch it again?
-have you ever called someone mom that wasnt even your mom
-have you ever blamed something to your siblings that you did?
-have you ever gotten 100% on a test?
-have you ever made a prank call?
-have you ever ignored a doorbell ring?
-have you ever blown bubbles on milk?
-have you ever had a surgery?
-do you drink your tea or coffe with sugar?
-do you prefer more baths or showers?
-invent your own word! What does it mean?
-do you like reading?
-what are you hearing right now?
Tag your 3rd a and try to guess their name
If your idol followed everyone 5at copylink do, would you be followed?
What’s a food you could basically live off?
you swited signs with your idol, what’s your new sign?
the charli was taken off the dunkin menu! Copylink to undo!
What do you think my account smells like?
would you switch users with your 6th @?
act like charli followed me in the comments!
is your Siri’s voice a male, female or non binary?
if I was only following aesthetic fanpages, would you be followed?
which Disney princess lokes most like you?
does @____ follow you? If not tell me so I can tell her to!
Do you think Michael Jackson is alive today?
how many wifi bars do you have right now?
is your old username taken or open?
did you have tiktok when the lego pfps were around? This whole page was made by trendsnkies so please go follow them!

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