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Health & Wellness Coach

Hi I’m Katerini!

From a small town in PA, and reside in the big apple. Currently, I work in education as a behavior analyst. I live with my cat mansss and we take lots of pictures is surely more blissful with my russian blue.

I can’t wait to tell you how happy I am to have you here and I can’t wait to share my story with you all!
Mostly through my college years I had a poor relationship with food. That poor body image played into using unhealthy ways to tell myself I needed to be skinnier like “all the other girls.”
I was an athlete growing up and through my college years and still current day. I would always workout, run, lift, you could even catch me studying with my notes on the treadmill. Yikes!
My unhealthy relationship with food continued and I knew I wasn’t treating my body the way it deserved.
At different points through my life I would go up and down in weight but ultimately was never the healthiest version of myself. My diet would mostly consist of a meal and snacks here and there, but nothing nutritious to fuel my body!
My journey of long nights of studying through undergrad and graduate school kept me up through the night pushing through working full-time, and part-time. Hello 1am! I was burnt out, mind-body, spirit.
Through the years I realized my body and spirit were telling me something!

A change...So I started on my coaching journey toward a better lifestyle of health and fitness in May 2020. Saying Yes and Finding a home with accountability groups, motivating women, nutrition at your finger tips and at home workouts. From here I knew my coaching journey would evolve.

Our team Fit & Fulfilled mission is to help you become a better you...mind, body, spirit. Im partnered with an incredible company whose mission is to end the trend of obesity by just showing up for yourself on your own journey. I hope you join us in showing up for your own journey...

Xoxo 💋✨