Hey there, beautiful!

I'm Lydia. Energy worker and eclectic Witch extraordinare.

Back in 2018, a lot of big changes were happening in my life and energetically I was being pulled to something bigger. After some research and lots of big emotions, I realized I was going through my dark night of the soul and was called to be a healer and help awaken others. This has led me to my journey here!

On my own healing journey, I have become a Reiki Master for both the Usui modality and Kundalini modality. I have been attuned as well in Diamond Reiki energy, Crystalline Reiki energy, DNA Reiki, Birth Trauma Reiki, Location Reiki and Past Life Reiki through my Kundalini Master level. I love crystals, plants and nature and enjoy helping others connect with their intuition through Reiki healing and tarot readings.

What is Reiki?

How does it work?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that is complementary to, not a substitute for, traditional medicine. I use Reiki to clear energy blockages and promote the body to heal. Energy healing work will always be offered for the highest good of the recipient and will only be effective if the recipient is consenting to the energy.

At this time, all of my sessions are conducted remotely; no phone, zoom or in person sessions. You will begin to receive the energy as soon as your session begins. During your session, it is advised to relax somewhere comfortable, feel free to play some music and to create your personal relaxation oasis. If for whatever reason, you are unable to do so, don't worry! The energy will still reach you during your session as long as you are open to it. After you book a session with me you will receive a detailed email with tips to maximize your reiki session, consent and patient forms, and a description of what to expect before, during and after your session.