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Supercube By MiiraBmine

What is Supercube ?

Supercube is a combination of Molasses and high grade herbs specifically chosen to help certain problems faced by many people nowadays. Interestingly, it comes in a form of a cube and each cube is infused with one type of herbs which are Osmanthus, Rose, Red Dates, Goji Berry, Ginger and Lavender. Even though it is a Molasses herbs drink, amazingly it taste so yummy!


During the sugar-making process, juice extracted from sugarcane or sugar beets is boiled down until the sugars crystallize and precipitate out.

The syrup left over after crystallization is referred to as molasses. It is categorised as a natural sweetener as it doesn’t go through chemical processing and retains the nutrition in sugarcane.

Molasses are also a rich source of natural calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, Vitamin B6 and Selenium.


What can Red Dates & Goji Berry help with in daily life?

Red Dates and Goji Berry has been chosen together to help consumers who need a boost in blood production and energy such as pregnant women, women after childbirth, breastfeeding mothers and also anaemic individuals.

Red Dates and Goji Berry is recommended to consumers who often drink caffeine in the mornings. The Supercubes does not cause drowsiness and is high in antioxidants, therefore giving a boost of energy daily!

Summary :
- Milk booster for mommies
- Reduces caffeine intake
- Strengthen the immune system
- Improves energy and mood
- Helps in indigestion problem
- Improves concentration and focus
- Eases period cramps

Quantity : 1 box contains 20 cubes
(10 cubes Red Dates ; 10 cubes Goji Berry)
Price : RM69


What can Osmanthus & Rose help with in daily life?

Osmanthus is a flower native to South China. It has been used as a beverage since The Ming Dynasty hundreds of years ago.

Osmanthus and Rose has been carefully chosen to aid in stress, insomnia and interrupted sleep. They are not only calming to the mind but also for the muscles. Osmanthus in drinks has a calming effect and is popularly used to help with achieving deep sleep. It also said that Osmanthus may help with suppressing appetite.

This set is for you if you often face problems such as period cramps, muscle pain and even sore limbs from activities.

Summary :
- Remedy for fatigue
- Promotes deeper sleep
- Reduces stress level
- Supresses appetite (control food intake)
- Prevents bad breath

Quantity : 1 box contains 20 cubes
(10 cubes Osmanthus ; 10 cubes Roses)
Price : RM69


What can Ginger and Lavender help with in daily life?

Ginger and Lavender were chosen as a set to help consumers with stomach discomfort and trapped winds. This set is recommended for consumers with digestive issues, muscle soreness as well as migraines. Ginger is also recommended to be consumed during menstruation to relieve discomfort.

Summary :
- Eases migrain and headache
- Soothes sore muscles
- Reduces Stomach Bloating
- Calm Nausea
- Reduces inflammation

Quantity : 1 box contains 20 cubes
(10 cubes Ginger ; 10 cubes Lavender)
Price : RM69

Supercube by MiiraBmine

Let me help you to choose!

Losing Weight & Improve Sleeping

If you wish to lose weight, you must understand why is it hard to lose weight in the first place. One of the factors is not getting enough sleep or low quality sleep. Another factor is Indigestion. If that is the case, you may try

Osmanthus & Roses can helps you to
- Reduce your appetite
- Have quality sleep

Ginger & Lavender can helps you to
- Promotes good digestion
- Detoxification process

Additional Info : During the day, you can have Red Dates & Goji Berry as a source of energy and treat it as a meal replacement.

Have a beauty skin

If you wish to have a beauty skin inside and outside, you may try

Osmanthus & Roses because it can helps to
- Relieved stress
- Have enough sleep
- Gives nutrition to your skin
- Slow down your skin aging (anti aging)

Red Dates & Goji Berry can helps to
- Promotes healthy skin

Improve Digestive System

If you wish to have to improve your digestive system, you may try

Ginger & Lavender because it can helps to
- Relieve trapped wind
- Ease stomach discomfort

Red Dates & Goji Berry can helps to
- Prevents constipation

This combo set is obviously for you!

Pregnancy Journey

Goji Berry & Red Dates can helps you to
- Increase red blood cell circulation
- Increase energy level
- Enrich breast milk supply

Ginger & Lavender can helps you to
- Reduce morning sickness
- Remove stomach discomfort

Osmanthus & Roses can helps you to
- sleep better during your 3rd trimester

P/S : Certainly, as Supercube is a natural nutricious drink. However, if you are carrying a high risk pregnancy with possible complications, it is best to seek advice from your obstetrician.

Supercube by MiiraBmine

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