Supercube Molasses Herb Drink

Hii , It’s Zati here ✨Korang nak cari apa tu? 👀 If korang nak beli supercube just gambar kat bawah 👇🏻

✨With Supercube, one can gain benefits of all the herbs without hassle. Easy to make, tasty, and added benefits from molasses .😘

Ginger & Lavender

Calm & Soothe
RM69.00/20 cubes

This SUPERCUBE Calm & Soothe set contains 10 Molasses+Ginger cubes and 10Molasses+Lavender cubes. Ginger and Lavender can get rid of the discomfort caused by flu, trapped wind, digestive problem, migraine or anxiety and help to soothe your body and mind. Being a caffeine free drink, these molasses herbs drink can be takrn anytime either daytime or at night.

Red Date & Goji Berry

Nourish & Boost
RM69.00/20 cubes

This SUPERCUBE Nourish & Boost set contains 10 Molasses+Red Dates cubes and 10 Molasses+Goji Berry are well known superfoods that provides lots of vitamins and minerals. They can greatly help ladies during menstruation, pregnant mothers who struggle with anemia, boost energy for mothers who have given birth and increase breast milk production. Being a caffeine free drink, these molasses herbs drink can be taken anytime either daytime or at night.

Osmanthus & Roses

Relax & Heal
RM69.00/20 cubes

This SUPERCUBE Relax & Heal set contains 10 Molasses+Osmanthus cubes and 10 Molasses+Rose cubes. Osmanthus & Rose have mild sedactive effect which makes them the best in giving you the rest you need. Naturally they contain vitamin B3 that can help in lowering stress level and blood pressure. Being a caffein free drink, these molasses herbs drinks are perfect to be included in your night time routine. Drink it at night to fight insomnia, get a quality deep sleep and wake up feeling recharged and healed.

Ways to Consume

1) Infuse one cube in 200ml-250ml of hot water

2) Put ice to drink it cold