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For years..... I have been using any brand of essential oils I could get my hands on. Why? Because it was super easy to go to Target or my local grocery store and buy the cheapest oil that I seen on the shelf. These Young Living oils are something I have had my eyes on for years now. I told myself that if one day I could ever fit these oils into my budget, I would go for it and never look back! Other than being totally OBSESSED with essential oils, my main reason for wanting to start this journey is to provide and maintain a new way of living for my family that is non toxic and healthy for all of us. I hope my page will bring you inspiration, encouragement, laughter, and some helpful tips to incorporate these amazing oils into your everyday life! So follow along my @superflyessentials Instagram page as I hold myself accountable to self-wellness, self-care, and bettering my mental health with these AMAZING products. 😇🤷🏼‍♀️🦋

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During my pregnancy I struggled with debilitating anxiety. SO BAD. I heavily relied on my cheap lavender oil to help me relax and (try) to fall asleep every night. After reapplying my oils every 15 minutes.. the smell would fade, and I found myself in a constant repeating cycle. Which on top of being pregnant, was exhausting. After talking about it with my husband, family, and friends... I finally decided that I have had enough. I have heard of the brand Young Living for years now but was always so scared to take a risk and invest in the brand. But let me just tell you.... buying my starter kit has changed my life. These oils are completely toxin-free. They have brought comfort and healing into my everyday life. I am by far no expert (yet😉).. but I am super stoked about learning and growing my collection with you guys along the way!

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They have a seed to seal promise.. Long story short: basically says they plant everything themselves, and use only their own ingredients from the time the seed is planted into the ground to the time they seal it in with your products!

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