About SuperP

We Are The Prince

SuperP (Hangul: 슈퍼피) is a supergroup from South Korea formed in 2021 based in Roleplay. The "P" in SuperP represents “Prince”, with each member embodying “Super” synergy from their own very well established K-pop bands.

This group consists of a combination of seven outstanding artists, namely Taemineov from SHINee, Byunberry and Kainald from EXO, Teayoung and Markez from NCT 127, and Tennavaren and Sankarsa from WayV.

On March 4, 2021, the group officially debuted with their eponymous mini album "Jopping"

SuperP Members

Get to know the ‘Jopping’ Kings

In March 2021, SuperP debuted as a combined team of seven outstanding artists, including SHINee’s Taemineov, EXO’s Byunberry and Kainald, NCT 127’s Teayoung and Markez, and WayV’s Tennavaren and Sankarsa.

Byun Byunberry

As the energetic leader of SuperP and also known as the ‘Genius Idol’, Byunberry is part of EXO and has pursued a solo career with more than one million in album sales.

Lee Taemineov

Lee Taemineov’s success and artistic impact have earned him the nickname ‘Idol’s idol’. A member of Shinee, he has not stopped shining with a solo career.

Kim Kainald

Kim Kainald the first EXO idol to be introduced to the public. He is widely considered as one of the best dancers in K-pop.

Lee Teayoung

Leader of the NCT boy band group with Markez, Tennavaren and Sankarsa. With his outstanding music talents, Teayoung has participated in writing and composing various NCT's songs.

Lee Tennavaren

Tennavaren comes from Thailand and is active on the global stages, including Korea and China. He won the ‘Teen Superstar’ Thai TV show in 2010 and joined SM Entertainment in 2013.

Wong Sankarsa

Wong Sankarsa member scouted by SM Entertainment. Sankarsa is also a member of the WayV.

Lee Markez

Markez amongst his fans, is a rapper and singer from Canada. Another SM Entertainment success story being scouted in 2012.