Some things about me

Hi, I am April I am a Dunkin/Dixiestick, I like to dance and make videos i love every single one of you I have 2,1k followers

I like fashion my favorite clothing store is Princess Polly and zaful and I created this website 24/12

My favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween

I have my account for more then five months now

My Top Picks

What I recommend ? (For aesthetic fanpage/editors)

If your an beginner in editing I would definitely start by getting QR code’s because I believe that your not ready for Keyframes, when I was a beginner I was getting my QR code’s from @qrcodes.com on TikTok. If your an editor that doesn’t need QR code’s anymore I would recommend to get the best graphs as you can here are some editing pages that could help you with picking sound or transitions @raewr/@.billsnai and of course me♥︎

If your an aesthetic fanpage I would recommend to get some cute symbols and edit your videos on video start pro you also can use hashtags like this-#yourusername #foryoupage #fyp #fy #viral

My opinions’

My opinion’s
-I think that everyone should support ALM (all lives matter)
-bodyshaming is bad and you should never do that to someone
-we should support each other no matter what race,religious or sexuality we are
-never hate on someone if you don’t know him in real life
-your body your choice
-be kind is the right way for everything


L o v e y o u r s e l f



Read this any time your not feeling well

You are worth it
You are beautiful just the way you are
Take care of your self
Be kind
Improve your self and help others
We love you and that’s why you should stay here