Hello there

I’m happy you’ve landed here

My name is Susie and I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in the farmlands of Pennsylvania with a soul that craves the world.
A typical suburban childhood? Yep, always imagining, always exploring... long boarding everywhere and dreaming of other places.
A typical high school experience? Not exactly, learned a whole lot and was grateful for very little.
Go to college? Nope, worked mostly nights in the restaurant industry to spend my days how I wanted. Did some mental work. Focused on personal development. Switched to a 9-5 in 2020 after losing my mama and a close friend within 2 weeks time. Figured I’d go with societies standards of an “adult” who didn’t get further education... until I focused back in on my purpose and chose to accept all things meant for me will come to me as I remove myself from my comfort zone, where I’d been for years.
The only standards I choose to meet are mine. The only standards you should meet are yours. You have one shot at this life that you’ve been given, and time moves so fast. Tomorrow is unpredictable, but today you’re in control. If I wanna spend five years of my life working online, funding cross country and over seas van trips, I damn well will. Not after 30 years of working my ass off for someone else, but within the next few years, because I chose to start my own business and create a live that’s lived on my terms, for me, and for you. My goal is to create peace for myself and those who have needed it. Peace. Serenity. Confidence. Self discipline. Freedom.
You deserve it.