Journey to freedom?

Hey heyyy! Maybe you found me via tiktok, maybe via Instagram and now you are checking out how to actually work via social media. Let’s get into it!

I moved from Finland to Spain, to chase that dream life and soon found myself from waking up at 7am for nannying and coming back at home 9pm after all teaching, private classes and nannying. Let me say that I was tired and that was definitely not the reason why I moved to Spain haha!

It took me months to figure out how I can actually make some money via social media, because that was my dream! To work from home, but instead I just got offered collaborations for free phone cases (and well those did not pay my bills haha).

Soon my friend told me about network marketing and I heard that she had bought her first house with her earnings while she was 20 years old. And I was like “excuse WHAT?”. I went to google and searched everything I could find about network marketing, the pros and the cons.

After some research and talking with many people, I decided to hop on the opportunity. Why? Because I knew that I’m hard working and motivated. I knew that there is a huge opportunity.

Nothing else could give me the lifestyle I wanted, and at the moment I was nannying for 2 different families, giving private lessons, working in academy and in primary school. So I didn’t have anything to loose.

Fast forward 2 years of hard work, I do network marketing full time. Make my own hours and decide my offices. Have built the most amazing international team of women who support each other’s. The best decision I’ve ever made in my life!

If you are someone with big goals, want to aim high and vibe with new friends, swipe back to the previous page and click “work with me” and there’s all the info you need 🤍