Hello & Welcome

I am ______.

My name is Samantha L Hamadeh, I'm originally from Lebanon🇱🇧, but I live in the U.S 🇺🇲. I'm a huge film buff & connoisseur, I minored in film in college,I also might be pursuing a film career (not sure yet,kinda still figuring that out🤫).

Over this past very unusual year, I have finally come to terms with the fact that I'm anything but typical, I am anything but normal.

In fact, Ive come to label myself as perfectly imperfect. I am my own kind of beautiful, and I am uniquely different. Which is how we all should be. For isn't it our differences and not our similarities that make us stand out as authentic?

Not only am I finally learning to accept, appreciate, and love myself more, I'm also in the process of a major lifestyle change, which involves me living a non-toxic, plastic-free life as possible.

I welcome you all!

With my platform, I intend to encourage, motivate, inspire, and help all those I can, to love themselves and feel as perfectly and incandescently happy with themselves and their lives as possible, in whichever way I can and am able.

For those of you who are interested, I've recently took on an opportunity for the company that sells naturally based hair care, skin care products & also wellness supplements.

Check them out in my link on the next page!