A sweet girl with a lot of thought

Hello, it's Sween! I'm just a 19 years old girl, currently studying in college. I'm making this to share about my thoughts anonymously since I had no one to share with ^^

Diary #1


Oops, totally forgot about this.. but on the other hand, I'm doing okay in college :) Still don't have friends. And somehow I felt(I genuinely believe) that I'm the DUFF(Designated Ugly Fat Friend) in my course but it's okay I guess.. I'm not trying to be close to people. But it's just sad, I always get grouped into some "quiet" people that won't respond and do their work last minute. I am tired. And idk the college's fees damn expensive lmao the student's loan that I took isn't enough to pay it. So idk haha but yeah I guess that's it for this diary.

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Diary #2

The Guy

I've been talking to this one guy from Tinder since 9th July 2021, and I've met him once. I never planned to like him, but I did. We don't talk everyday, don't talk often. He often reply to me late, which is fine because he also needs some time alone. It's just that, I don't know if he likes me or not. When we met, he seems like he's into me. When I let go of his hand, he urge(? idk the right word for it sorry :/) me to hold his hand again. He even kissed my forehead... but idk it's all blurry. The thing is, I'm willing to wait for him until he's ready to date but I need to know if he has feelings for me as well or not. It's just ugh, I'm tired of being nobody's choice... I just want to be loved :/

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