About Me

The Mompreneur

Well hello there and welcome to my page! I’m incredibly excited to have you here and hoping we can get to know each other a little better!

A little bit about me... hmm where to begin? Well as you can see from my picture, I am a mom, and a wife and truthfully they are my world and reason I do what I do - My “why”

I hold an MBA from University of Miami, and I am also a healthcare professional with over 10 years of experience in the Finance field specifically analytics - yes I know ... nerd alert!

Last year after being with my previous employer for over seven years my position was eliminated as a result of a cost reduction plan, due to organization’s financial performance. It is then when I decided I had to do something else to protect my family financially. Something that would give me another stream of income, and give me the flexibility to work at my own schedule. It is then when I decided to embark on my journey to self growth and development, and started running my vegan beauty business online.

I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but had to give it a try. Fast forward to today, I am glad I took the leap of faith and grateful for this opportunity entering my life. Everyday I get to see how this business continues to change my life and those of others, and although I may not be where I want right now, I sure am on my way there! So if you are ready to have more flexibility, spend more time with your family, join a community of support, individualized coaching, get rid of debt.... whatever your reason may be, we need to chat ASAP!

Please don’t be shy, I am excited to share my personal experience with you!