Get to know Jade 👸🏽

Hi! Thanks for clicking on my link. I grew up in California and recently moved over to Washington to try to focus on myself and experience a new environment. I currently work at this grocery store called Fred Meyers and am in the process of training for the manager position after almost a year. I feel as if I’m a very hard worker because it’s literally in my blood which makes me strive to achieve my goals. It’s so exciting to be working with other females that are as hardworking and motivated like myself.

I like to work because I feel like you can never make enough money. I want to thrive to be wealthy and situated so that my boyfriend and I can get our own little place and be able to travel without not having enough money. We also both love taking pictures of scenery or anything really so it would be nice to do so. If you’re just making a lot of money, you will literally not have any worries whatsoever because you’ll be set on bills, trips, etc..

I really have a passion for music. I love to listen to Hip Hop Rap and RnB mostly. The thing about me is that my ears and mind are very open and creative. I like to concentrate on the beats, bass, and flow of the whole song all together. When I listen to RnB, I love to focus on the certain sound waves and vocalization of certain singers like Summer Walker and Ari Lennox. It’s amazing because I love to sing and listening to all the RnB songs allows me to try to get the different sounds and pitches.