Sweet ‘n Sammy

Calling all babes on a budget! ✨

Thank you for stopping by Sweet ‘N Sammy! I hope you’re able to enjoy some of my favorite finds 😊

A little about me – I’m a late-20’s New York city slicker who works in the construction industry… yeah, you guessed it - surrounded by concrete, dirt, and men in steel toe boots. As much as I enjoy the industry I work in, I found myself seldom able to fully feel “myself,” and knew I was oftentimes struggling to tap into my feminine. It’s tough to get enough girl time when you work a 9-5 (or a lot longer…) and with no ladies!

I realized I needed to do something when me and my boyfriend went on a group trip to Florida and I met a bunch of new girls that I quickly befriended. I was beyond relieved. That’s when it clicked – I’m not allowing myself to enjoy the things I love enough and have been overworking and under-caring for my naturally creative, girly soul. I studied journalism in college so I knew a blog would be a great way to start channeling that feminine being again and be the best Sammy I can be!

Here you’ll find some phenomenal deals on fashion, skincare, beauty and much more. Finding the most effective dupes for designer clothing – yes, I’m that girl. Wearing a full face of makeup that costed $11 in total and lasting all day? I got you. Taking acne with oily/combo skin head on with sustainable, affordable products – let me help you. Welcome – hope you stay a while!