Stay Sweet!!!

Sweet & Pink 90’s cartoon & watercolor designs, hot pink everything, bows, bracelets, bags of bath bombs, &more...

Meet Sweet Pink Dreams

Stay Sweet People!

Hi Love Lumps! I’m Sweet Pink Nina. I have gone by a long name Nina Melinda Hikari Marie Jones. I’m sure you can tell from my name that I am obsessed with anything pink, but my color obsession stems from a deeper purpose. Follow me on my colorful journey through life with my twin Glitter Witch Crafts!

Real Customer Responses to my brand:
“When I see pink girly things I just get mad”
“Thank God I only have boys!” -real customer with female children
“Ugh that’s pink!”
“I would never let me daughter wear pink”
“I’m sorry but how long did we fight for rights just to hold us back by wearing pink again?”
“I love these but God why do they have to be cute? Can’t you make something stronger looking?”
“Pink is nice for babies, too bad I don’t have any”

The color pink is negatively stereotyped as being derogatory towards women in the sense that traditionally it designated females from boys at birth in the Western world, and therefore become a symbol of inferiority, weakness, and gender bias towards women. Well I want to change that..... colors like pink, pastels, brights, lilacs, hi-def cyan, neons, and we can’t forget glitter are colors that represent a bias free, loving, happy fun good time. I am to change this negative response into a positively pink experience!

Mantra- Stay Sweet! There is enough negativity in the world, if you can’t beat them JUST DON’T join in! Stay you and stay Sweet Pink!

Just like my original, unique fashion designs and clothing, my handmade beauty line, and of course my handmade jewelry and accessories; everything is bright pink and cheerful!

I have a mantra to share with the world: The world is a colorful place, let’s rejoice in the fun of color!
Pink is just a color and should celebrated like every other color in the world, so it’s my job to get the party started!

My YouTube Vlog

Sweet Pink Dreams Kawaii Weekends

I love to vlog so follow me around with my twin Glitter Witch Crafts

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