Sweet Styled Of Mine

Jessica Stumphf

I LOVE all things Fashion + Beauty.
That isn’t all that makes me who I am though
As you will read further down.

I studied Fashion Design + Photography
@ The Fashion Institute in NYC.
I’ve also been a Make up artist for many years.

What is most important to me is helping women feel their best without depleting their whole bank account. Let me take the hard work out of the equation for you all ! I live for finding deals on all the hot styles including makeup trends.

I’m the type of girl that was raised to never leave the house without a full face of makeup, this however does not mean I don’t feel beautiful without makeup on .. I just Love it so much ! ( you won’t catch me even getting the mail without lipstick on, no I’m not proud of that lol )

I do believe wearing the correct style for your body type & Lipstick can make us women feel extra empowered. I’m sure you agree !
But what makes me feel even more powerful is knowing I don’t spend full price on anything I wear. Finding great sales definitely makes me more excited than it probably should.

Now for the deeper stuff,

I am a wife & a mother before anything I do, I have a gorgeous supportive husband, we have been together for 20 + years and we have five beautiful kiddos, one of the five is an angel in heaven.

(We had a stillborn due to one negligent resident. )

I am proud to say I am a breast cancer survivor & a survivor of a childhood with toxic parents.

I will be adding a blog to this site to go into detail about the above struggles and add some helpful tools some may need in their lives right now.

Why am I telling you all of this ?!

I do not wish to only blog about fashion + beauty, I would love to be someone in your life that can help you navigate through whatever situation you need help with. I’ve prayed hard about this and I truly feel that other women struggling should be able to hear my story.

I chose to share my Fashion + Beauty
Ideas/Deals as an outlet for myself, this is something I really enjoy !!!

All of us should have something we do that is not a job, not something for our Significant other, not something for our children but it is something for ourselves 🤍

This blog is for Me & YOU.

Hopefully I can help you look and feel your best

Xo Jessica