“The Sweet Space”: a members only space for goddesses

Hey girl! What’s up?! I’m Jazmine - tarot reader, astro addict + intuitive guide. In other words, I feel things, hear things, see things that can help anotha sista out. ✨🧞‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️

Speaking of, I have this super awesome network for babes (like you) who are searching for a little extra inspiration in their day to day lives. I call this, “The Sweet Space.” It’s basically your personal girl tribe complete with: a private space (members only), daily group tarot readings, monthly group readings, new/full moon readings and two drawings/month for a free individual reading. PLUS discounts on all individual readings.

Sweeeet, right? Want in? Click the link below to get started.

b o o k i n g

Ready to book me for your Intuitive reading?

Yes! What do I do from here?
+ using the link below, you’ll book your reading for a specified day and time. your reading will then be delivered via text or audio to the email you provide on that specific day by 5pm est.

what is an intuitive reading exactly?
+ a message channeled from spirit to me, that I then deliver to you based on what I see/hear/feel. note that the message I deliver to you doesn’t come from directly from me - it comes from spirit. I personally have no way of knowing any of the intimate details of your life - I merely type/speak what I hear/feel/see, etc.

how are you able to sense the messages that come through and who do they come from?
+ with years of practice honing my own intuition, I’m able to hear what some aren’t quite attuned to yet. messages come from those on the other side/universal knowledge.

what are your session fees?
+ click the link below and choose your session to find out!