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“I am adventurous and curious”

Hey my snowballs it’s me sxowbaaddi here! I am new to this account and I want to make so many memories with my snowballs!

Facts about me
I am a 12 yr old girl who lives in England and goes to normal school! I have many friends and family who support me and the snowballs! I ain’t aloud to tell u my names till we hit 10.0k followers wich i know one day we will hit! Please support me and the snowballs by hitting that follow button and just incase u did not know my tiktok user issss:sxowballaddi :)

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Family and life

Hey my snowballs it me sxowballaddi here and I want u to know more about my tiktok account!
Firsts thing first my account is there to make people happy and post inspirational and happy videos of u want to hate u will get blocked:)
My tiktok account will not just be Addison
I might post some bedi is of charli this does not mean I hate addi or I am quitting on her and switching to charli I ain’t!
Last year aka the year of 2020 was a terrible terrible year for me and u aswell! We all went through tough times from family passing away or not even seeing family and friends! One thing that was hard for me was my grandad unfortunately passed away due to COVID 19 wich was very sad for my family me and my grandad were very close just like some other family’s out thses so I am not searching for sympathy I just want to tell everyone to stay safe and always be aware of everything around us!:)