Fun Facts About Me

🐾 I love to suck my blankets. I’ve done this since arriving at my forever home. Mum and dad think it’s the cutest thing ever and hope I don’t grow out of it!

🐾 I’m mummy’s little stalker. You may have seen my stalking videos on #sybilssundaystalking 👀 I really have to be in the mood to stalk and to this day mum doesn’t really know what sets me off….I’ll keep them guessing!

🐾 I was the biggest out of my litter of 11 (although one of my siblings sadly didn’t make it through the first night) 🥺

🐾 I smile when I’m happy

🐾 I have other names that my pawrents call me like Miss Sybil, Sybs, Cheeky Girl, Feargal, Velcro Pup, and other names I can’t repeat 🙊

🐾 I love posing and I’m great at balancing treatos!

Rainbow Bridge 🌈

“The Hardest Thing About Having A Dog Is The Goodbye” 💔🌈

Sadly I never had the privilege of meeting my brothers.

Nelson was my pawrents first ever dog. He was the last one left and mum saw an advert for him in the local paper and went to pick him up the next day. They knew they could never be without a dog in their lives from then on 🐾🖤

Douglas was their first Dobermann. When they went to pick him, he chased dad around the garden and wouldn’t leave him alone. They knew he was the one….after all, he picked them 🖤