Private Mentorship Workout Page

My goal is to help you become confident in the gym, learn what it takes to reach your goals, and help you take your skills to the next level.


I wanted to find an affordable way to impact the masses and really help people develop their skills and learn how to become self-sufficient in the gym. One of the biggest problems for newer members to the gym, is know what to do, how to use equipment etc. Along my fitness journey I really grew when I followed the workouts of others and learned how to alter them to fit my goals. The only thing it lacked was personal mentorship and guidance from people that had the results I wanted.

Let’s do this!!!

I’ve created a private Instagram page where I will share ALL of my fitness secrets! For those who are subscribed to the page, you will have access to a library of workouts created by me, tips/tricks that will help you in your fitness journey, and motivation & guidance. My DMs will be OPEN for anything on that page, questions, recommendations, and requests!

How do I Start?

This page will be private because I want to give those who are serious about reaching their goals my full attention. Instead of hundreds per month for personal training I’m gonna teach you everything I know to become self-sufficient and self-motivated to really develop the skill sets you need.

To lock in your spot it’s only a payment of $30 one time ever! (That’s right one time ever)

You can do Venmo or contact me for Zelle!! Venmo is @swolebodychapa request to follow page and I’ll go confirm!! Put your Instagram name in the comment of the payment!