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The essentials

On this slide you will find all my favs! From beauty, wardrobe, household items, to everything random! I swear by all of these!

More will be added as time goes on!

Laundry detergent

Yes, I am sharing LAUNDRY DETERGENT with y’all. It is pricey, but you don’t need much! I promise you’ll be obsessed with this stuff. The BEST smelling thing ever! Tip- mix this with unscented detergent 1/2 way so you use less, still just as good! Also, I only use on my blankets/sheets and towels!

Diva laundry detergent

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

If I could recommend only 1 thing to you on this entire list it would honestly be THIS. The price is outrageous, but it’s so worth it. It literally feels like butter. My favorite is the Cozy Chic line, because DUHHH leopard print! Seriously though, invest in a good blanket you’ll have forever. Tip- I use the laundry detergent listed above for this blanket. Match made in heaven!

Barefoot Dreams

Estée Lauder foundation

THE best foundation hands down! I have used this on so many girls, as well as myself. The finish is beautiful, again pricey but worth it! Tip- you don’t need to use this for everyday. The next link is my fav everyday foundation!

Estée Lauder

Milani foundation

My everyday foundation! From the drugstore, $10 & i’m obsessed! Tip- I do like to set this, I notice I get a tad oily after a full day, nothing too crazy.

Milani foundation

Kiehls Moisturizer

I have so much skincare, & honestly I am not good at washing my face every night. The one thing I am very adamant about is moisturizer! This cream is my all time favorite, my boyfriend & I both use it. Seriously y’all THE BEST moisturizer. Tip- in my opinion you don’t need much! The price is reasonable as well.


Loving tan

Who doesn’t love a good tan? I always feel 10x better about myself with a good glow! This gives the perfect color without being orange or splotchy. Ultra dark is my jam!!

Loving tan- Ultra dark

Dry shampoo

If you claim you don’t use dry shampoo, you lyinnnn. No but really, if you don’t message me because woah! Dry shampoo is my LIFE SAVER. This one by Amika is my favorite. The smell is heavenly! Tip- Don’t spray too close to roots. Once you spray, let it sit for about 30 seconds before massaging into your roots!

Amika dry shampoo

IGK Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm

Y’all the smell of this product... the SMELL. Even if this stuff didn’t work I would still buy it just because of the smell. I put a dime/quarter size amount in my hands to warm it up, then rub it all through my hair before I blow dry it. SO good! I purchase at Ulta!

IGK Hair Balm

Dry bar Lemon Drop Brush

Best brush hands down. Seriously. I have thick hair, and I have found this is the best brush for me personally. My hair gets tangly soooo fast, when I brush it out with this I don’t feel a thing!

Dry bar Brush

Thank you again for following along with me. Like I said, never hesitate to inbox me! Let me know if there’s anything else you want to see. 🤍

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