about me!

here’s a headline about me and my account

hello! my name is alex but my full name is alexandra. i am from scotland and i am 13, my birthday is 17-08-07.

i have been editing since 2018 but stopped in january 2019 and returned in april 2020. i made an account on 21-04-20 but that account was shadowbanned, every video i posted would get 0 views and likes. they wouldn’t show up when i searched the account, so i deleted that account and made this one on the 24-04-20. my first user was sxftie...edits, then _mochedits, then lemon..edits, then mvelios, then .alexvsp and now sztvrn! my idols are avani, loren and addi, they make me so happy and inspire me sm!

important people to me!

here’s some of my ibfs!

some of my ibfs:

hippos gc- bella (adorechenna), zella (will8rs) and cam (moncult, ᥴꪖꪑ). we made this group chat and we never knew each other but since making it we’ve gotten closer. they make me laugh everyday and there’s never a dull moment with them! and not to mention ᥴꪖꪑ makeup is amazing😩‼️

asta- astas account is mzonliqht so follow her😛 we only became ibfs last month and we talk almost everyday. she’s an asking editor and she’s an amazing friend! you make me so happy and you deserve the world!!!🤰🏼🤛🏻


evie- we have been ibfs since i first started my account, she was my very first ibf. she first taught me how to do keyframes and use all the effects! she’s so funny and such an amazing friend. thank you for everything evie! <3

lastly, my mbl added lala (dhunk1n) thank you for always adding mbl, i really really appreciate it<3